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New Book Trailer Released!

Published November 11, 2014 by Ashley Townsend

I’m super excited to announce that not only have I launched an official website for “Chasing Shadows,” which I mentioned in my previous post, but the book trailers for both “Chasing Shadows” and it’s adorable predecessor “Rising Shadows” just came out. *Squeal of delight* I’d love for you to view, like, share, subscribe, or leave a comment to support the series. ^_^

You can find the trailers on YouTube via Double Decker Books, on the official “Chasing Shadows” launch page, and all over Goodreads! As always, don’t forget to add the books on Goodreads and find them on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

Thanks, all, for your support of this series and my endeavors to reach as many people as possible with characters that I believe God is going to use to encourage and touch the lives of many. These characters have already changed my life! And if you have any stories about how reading has impacted your own life in some way, please write to me at  




 Trailer for Chasing Shadows

Trailer for Rising Shadows

An Author’s Weekend

Published August 10, 2013 by Ashley Townsend

How does a young author spend her weekends? Generally, it involves a book or racking up the electrical bill on my Mac and/or iPod.

Research: “An arrowslit is a thin vertical aperture in a fortification through which an archer can launch arrows. It is alternatively referred to as an arrow loop, loop hole, or archere, and sometimes a balistraria.” How cool is that?!!!!!

I feel smarder already. ;-P Break for Pinterest:



Back to Business: Research medieval weaponry for accuracy (yeah, that’s right: THIS IS A RIGHT OFF! ;-))

weapon weapon 2

My eyes! They burn from all the pinning and computer watching. Coffee and book break time! (It relaxes the rods and cones, I’m sure):

coffee break



Phew! Now that the Jazz Juice is in my system, I’m ready to hit the books again. . . . And by books, I mean more Internet research (and I assure you it will inevitably end in yet another Pinterest break. “It caaaalls to me. Calls.”)


“Castles first appeared in the ninth and 10th centuries, as Charlemagne’s empire in what is now France, Germany and northern Italy collapsed.” Hmm. Fascinating.

Then when Mom inevitably says I need something called fresh air.


But eventually, I head out to do research, promotions, and my plot notes for Book III outside:

research 1


Then I top off my day with some delicious reading material, a snack, a snappy beverage that makes me feel human, and, as of late, more Pinterest. I started a One Direction board for fun–no judgies!–and got stuck on this one girl’s board for HOURS looking for pins. I thought the page would finally end, and then it just kept reloading and reloading. So I eventually glanced up and noticed that she had 14,000 pins on that board, so I gave up. Yeah, I believe that was a wise choice, because the sunlight was starting to scorch my eyeballs.

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