And the Award Goes to…

Published December 10, 2012 by Ashley Townsend

Without further ado! (I just love saying that) Ashley Townsend and Friends present to you our 2012 list of books that blew our minds, stole our breath, surprised us, and made us gag.

Favorite Dystopian Worlds:

under the neverdelirium

You read enough dystopian fiction, and after a while they all begin to look the same. I never felt that way about these two novels. “Under” and “Delirium” both captured my attention from the start as the authors set the stage for what I excepted to be the A-typical dystopian society. However, both Oliver and Rossi (one of my fav books of the year!) created worlds where everything is controlled and monitored (sound familiar?), but each author spun her society or added twists that make these two novels stand apart from the rest. I was enraptured by Oliver’s world, and I loved how Rossi spun such a technological/post-apocolyptic spin on her story. 

Favorite 2012 Covers:

scarleteverneathI originally bought “Scarlet” for the cover (and the fact that it was a take on Robin Hood’s young gang) and ended up loving the story. It was fun, entertaining, and full of endearing characters; the author also gave a fantastic spin to the story that kept me guessing at every turn. “Everneath” is probably one of my favorite dress covers of the year. I love the contrast between the red dress, her pale skin, and the darkness beneath her. The further I got into the book, the more  details I noticed about the cover. So when you read the book, keep flipping back to see what you find! 

defiancethe selectionBoth “The Selection” and “Defiance” were fun, entertaining reads, but I love how much their covers resemble the story within. The strong character on the front of “Defiance” and the dark colors and detailing are what really stick out to me. Cass’ story was sweet and fun, but I love how, though the cover is gorgeous and bright, there’s still a little mystery there as well. And that dress is just incredible!

Most Disappointing Anticipated Books of 2012:


Honorable Mentions of 2012:

Don't you just love this cover?ther hostfor

“The Host” really surprised me, and if you look at previous Palooza’s, you’ll notice that it’s one of my favorite new books. I finally got over my pooey-pooey-on-Twilight faze and forced myself to read it after my sister did. And I was shocked by how much I loved it! I also really appreciated the way that Meyer’s crafted the story. “Hourglass” was my first time travel love, and while “Timepiece” disappointed and bored me, the first book really blew my mind with its intricacies and scientific base. “For Darkness Shows the Stars” was one of those “Wow” books that totally surprise you. It’s a mild sci-fi take on Austen’s “Persuasion,” and the author did a really great job of re-crafting this story and making it her own. Loved it! 

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