Mother’s Day

Published May 11, 2012 by Ashley Townsend

My mom is one of the most important people in my life. She’s like this unyielding crystal fountain that bubbles forth this constant flow of encouragement and wisdom. I honestly wouldn’t be writing this today if it weren’t for my wonderful mom, and not just because it’s close to Mother’s Day—she’s the first person I allowed to read Rising Shadows, and she’s also the one who encouraged me to pursue my dream of being an author by giving me the push I needed to put this book out there in the marketing world (I’m planning on buying her a private island when my writing career takes off). She’s my best friend and confidant.

 I have this theory that moms are grossly underappreciated—they have the hardest job in the world that garners the least amount of credit. They’re these tireless, multi-tasking creatures that go all the time, and sometimes I’m overcome with fatigue just watching them work. I get exhausted after babysitting for a few hours before the mom comes home to relieve me of my temporary “mommy duty.” Then the kids’ mother, who was with them all day except for those brief hours of respite, comes home late at night and has to feed the baby, change him, get him ready for bed again, and then somehow is able to pull herself under the covers. I don’t think I will ever understand how they manage to get everything done until I have kids someday (it’s another working theory of mine that moms develop superpowers once they have kids; it’s the only thing that explains it!). If you take the time to observe your own mom or someone else’s for a full hour, you’ll realize how multi-faceted they truly are.

 I’ve compiled a list of words to describe what I’ve observed about my own mom, and you’re likely to see these, as well, in your careful study: caretaker, gourmet chef (or at the very least a cook), nurse, receptionist, therapist, guidance counselor, encourager, the jury in “small people’s court,” chauffeur, baker, playmate, hugger, friend, good listener, teacher, homework-helper, stylist, seamstress, mediator, someone who makes the day brighter.

 I know that not everyone has a mother in their lives, but most everyone has someone that they look up to and admire as a mother figure. Maybe there’s a woman who you know that doesn’t have children or a family to appreciate her. Even though she might not be a mother, why not take an afternoon to make her feel special and appreciated on Mother’s Day? She might not have anyone who can tell her how much she’s appreciated, and this simple gesture will mean the world to her. You can throw a crepe brunch for the mothers in your life, or just take someone out to coffee to let them know they’re loved. Your mom is your best friend, and this Sunday is all about making the women who make your life special feel appreciated for all that they do. It doesn’t hurt to tell them how much they mean to you. One word, one hug—sometimes that’s all it takes to make a mother’s day (no pun intended).

 P.S. Check out my new recipes page for my Mother’s Day-themed crepe recipe!

4 comments on “Mother’s Day

  • yes mums have the hardest job in the world and I just don’t konw what gift to buy for my mum and if you have any good idea pls let me know ! btw ,you both are very attractive !


    • It’s more of a case-by-case basis with store bought gifts, so I can’t really help you there. However, if you don’t mind putting a little extra time into it, I don’t know a single mom who doesn’t love a day off. Make a “coupon” book with different things that you’ll do for her, like cooking a meal for company so she can relax, or have a coupon that she can use to commandeer you for an entire day to do whatever she wants. It’s inexpensive, and it can buy you some time if you still want to get her something special from the store, but she’ll appreciate the thought and time that went into it.


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